Moflon Technology Company Introduces Slip Rings to Enhance Satellite Communication in Ships

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Satellite communication across ships is now doubly enhanced after recent developments have been implemented to ensure smooth performance without forsaking the quality bit.

Shenzhen, China ,

With ship borne satellite communication assuming greater importance than before, Moflon Technology Company has worked to develop a powerful system. Ship business has a lot of future prospects, so communication demands keep increasing. The company has hence decided to adopt a robust communication system that most other units can depend on. Besides developing the same, Moflon has taken adequate care to see that performance and quality aspects are maintained.

Few number of ship companies that have collaborated with Moflon Technology Company for the high-end satellite communication system has already started making noticeable progress after using the modern slip rings. “The reason why some ship companies have adopted this system by now is largely because of the top-notch delivery in service and quality; something that clients normally won’t find with other similar systems. But we have worked hard for coming up with this and now the results are for everyone to see,” said one of the senior engineers at Moflon.

The company has put paramount importance to the manufacturing process for the slip ring products. From advanced plating technologies to wear-resistant and conductive metals for the manufacturing of items, the satellite communication system has all that to render it longevity.

A press meet was held recently where the CEO of the company said, “The parts that we have incorporated in the products are far better than what was used earlier. The slip ring manufacturer provides 360 degree continuous rotation service. Besides, there’s a signal isolation shield inside the item to see to steady network communication, even when interferences cannot be ruled out. These are quite innovative and will surely see to the high-end communication system as required by most ships that work on the seas for a fairly long period of time.”

“Moflong is committed to design and manufacture slip ring products for disparate industry segments. Since we are into slip ring production since our inception, we have invested our resources in improving the manufacturing process from time to time. We will continue to serve our clients”, he went on to add. 

About the Company

Moflon Technology Company is one of the pioneers in developing the Chinese ship industry, particularly with the provision of customized ship slip rings.

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