Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. Started Selling Medroxxyprogesterone Acetate Powder Online

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A certified and competent manufacturer of raw powder in the market at present, AAsraw has come with its latest production catering towards needs of women undergoing postmenopausal symptoms.

China, 8th June

Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd has recently started online selling of medroxyprogesterone acetate (71-58-9) powder, which is known to work wonders as a female hormone when the body is not producing adequate quantities of the same. The company has delved into the working of the wonder drug and seen exactly how it has offered noticeable benefits to many women who can use it as a treatment measure for endometriosis, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. Besides, when used in high doses, the drug can also be used as a contraceptive for evading chances of ovulation.

The research and development team at Aasraw Biochemical Technology Company Limited has worked for quite a period of time and discovered the results of usage of the powder. “This is one medication that has multiple advantages for women. So for someone who is not pregnant and also not undergoing menopause can use it to treat uterus bleeding happening at an abnormal rate. Also in combination with hormone replacement therapy with estrogens, it can reduce the symptoms of menopause besides chances of uterine cancer,” said a member of the R&D team who is associated with the company and works relentlessly alongside many others to help those in dire need of these drugs.

The company has always stood for innovation and perseverance. Over the passage of time, the members have resorted to help from experts in studios, colleges and enterprises and developed on almost 30% of the technology aspect in their manufactured products. For small scale production, the customer care support is always present to help as they usually respond quickly. Even for larger production, orders need to given in advance.

Ahead of the market launch, the company’s CEO said, “We maintain that our products have purity with no less than 98%. This applies to medroxyprogesterone (71-58-9) acetate powder as well. There are in fact, so many advantages of this drug that most women can bank on it for long term use. However, we insist that you consult your medical practitioner for the exact dosage and then order the same. Also, check to see the side-effects prior to use.”

He also added that AAsraw’s items stand out for high-end quality, reduced costs and hassle-free services, which will be followed for this powder too.

About the Company

Aasraw Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a biochemical research laboratory in Shanghai, China.

To know more, visit http://www.aasraw.com/

Address:1838 Fairway Cir Dr, San Marcos, U.S.A





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