SLC:Digital assets ecology based on the whole-blockchain system

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At the tribal age, someone would be beaten up to panda eyes just for a light glance in the crowd, yet in today’s Internet age, why do people choose to believe in a merchant who is selling clothing thousands of miles away and give him payment?

At the tribal age, someone would be beaten up to panda eyes just for a light glance in the crowd, yet in today’s Internet age, why do people choose to believe in a merchant who is selling clothing thousands of miles away and give him payment? That’s because in the course of this transaction, people have entrusted trust to state agencies or to large enterprises. Of course people still do not build up a trust to the one who sells clothes. However, due to the endorsement of the state or large enterprises, people are willing to let them be a witness. This is a common way to raise mutual trust.

Among the many ways to raise mutual trust, Exactly, one of the tools to save the crisis of trust is the blockchain. 20 years from now, surely we are going to be in the blockchain world just like we are in the Internet today.

Nowadays, all of the countries are scrambling to enter the age of blockchain economy globally. Canada revised bill to regulate Bitcoin business, Central Bank develops Blockchain technology CAD-Coin electronic Canadian dollars; “Blockchain: distributed Accounting Technology” released in the UK with a Blockchain pilot.

Russia presented a road map for the development of the “legalized” blockchain technology to President Putin, charting a future legal framework for technological development. Bitcoin Exchange established in the United States, preliminary completion of Bitcoin Regulation legislation process. Japan has set up the first block chain industry organization-Block chain Cooperation Alliance (BCCC). The Federal Financial Regulatory Agency of Germany, (BaFin), explored the potential application value of distributed ledger. European Commission puts encrypted Digital currency at the forefront of Rapid Development targets. Block chain is written into China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for National Informatization.

SLC is the digital currency developed by block chain technology on the basis of the RIPPLE RTXP protocol and the centering of bitcoin, which is the central asset of the digital assets ecology based on the whole-blockchain ecommerce domain system. Based on the Beiyou financial system, SLC establishes the commercial ecology of the public chain(SLC), cooperates with all kinds of financial institutions and physical industries, to constructs the applied ecology constituted by “block chain + financial + industry + consumption.”

In the future community of intelligent, the coverage of network communication can make it possible for each intelligent terminal to be able to make each other possible, and the public chain will develop more block-chain application interfaces in the future, which can run through the whole life cycle of the device and application of the Internet of things. From the purchase of houses, decoration, appliances equipment, electricity and gas payment and exchange, etc. Blockchain will be decentralization and the information won’t tampered with, it can be used for intelligent property equipment, property housekeeper interactive information records. Also will the Blockchain has an ability of tracking business rules, taking action according to preset threshold, if the driverless car that fails to check every year must turn off, the owner does not pay the premium, the notice will be sent to the owner housing society. One of the biggest drawbacks of networking is that security standards are not in place, and the block chain of high-end block chain encryption technology can solve security problems. The public chain(SLC) stores the data on the block chain, so that the application of social public good can effectively apply the block chain related technology to charity and humanitarian work, and promote the development of charity. It is highly reliable and can’t be tampered with in public interest scenes, which can ensure the truth, openness and transparency of information. We must fully respect the privacy block chain encryption technology, and meet the requirements of privacy protection and other related laws and regulations of the participants, and make conditional publicity.

SLC began global presale in April and launched domestic and foreign frontline trading platforms in May. The total circulation is 2 billion. The distribution is as follows: Angel round 5%, advance round 25%, Public offering 10%, Community Construction 10%, Pool incentive 30%, team self-holding 20%, and the last part will be locked up for 3 years. After the public pre-sale has been completed, temporary ERC20 tokens will be set up. After that, they will be issued to sign strategic cooperation with many entities at home and abroad, and provide more enterprises with blockchain services and enterprise upgrading and transformation at the same time. Prepare for the practical application and circulation of SLC. Docking multi-entity industrial chain, value chain and ecological chain of circulating currency, matching the two sides of the transaction, intelligent matchmaking, significantly improve the transaction efficiency and reduce transaction costs.

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