How to develop software even if you’re not a developer?

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You do not having programming and coding knowledge buy have a great idea in mind with small budget? If it is so then the team of Vironit will teach you how to develop your own app without learning to code. Follow these steps to accomplish your dream!

1- Finding a Supporting Idea

To create an application, find a relevant idea that meets a need or solves a problem. Above all, study its potential market, its competitors, and define its user profile (Smartphone only or tablet, target, age etc.). If you find your idea fabulous but there is no one to use your app, you will have lost a lot of time and possibly money.

2- Give your application a background and form

It is important to know what you are going to put into your app, to elaborate its great features – the main ones and those to be added in a second step – but do not dwell in too many options. The best apps are sometimes the simplest ones and those that display only one feature.

Using PowerPoint or online software, you can design a first visual prototype of your app. Even if it is not yet functional, its ergonomics, its architecture and its headings will already have a first idea, even with simple animations.

3- Know how to sell your project

Know how to “sell” your app to potential partners by developing a pitch, preparing your file and your business plan. This can be useful for finding funds, launching a participatory fundraising campaign, presenting your app in a contest or simply convincing developers to help you design it.

4- Think about financing

At what price will you sell your app? To download or to buy integrated? Apple or Google do not tolerate purchases outside their store even for monthly subscriptions. Advertisement could be your ally, but you must skillfully tune in to avoid running away from your users. The “freemium” model (free download and integrated purchases for options) is often a good solution as for sponsoring a unique (an advertiser has the exclusivity of banners).

5- The piece of bravery: the design

YouTube became the “school” of many budding developers who did not necessarily have computer knowledge. If you know how to code, all this will go much easier once the design, name and functionality are defined. If you do not know anything about it in code, there are practical and simple solutions.

6- Get in touch with a team

Several websites and services like help in custom software development services. They are not just affordable but also have the ability to convert your ideas into a reality.

7- Test it again and again

Put your friends to contribute for their opinion, hire beta testers eventually, on iOS or Android, on different screen sizes if you can. So you’ll know if your app is as effective as you dreamed, if all its features are really useful and used, if the ads are not too invasive, if the price set is consistent, and so on. Throughout the creation of the app, do not hesitate to ask for advice, whether for design or use, to get out of your certainties.

8- Put the app on the blinds

Make sure before putting your application on the store (s) that it is fully operational. And make yourself a list of things to check, to get back up from the first downloads, to avoid bad return.


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