3D Prostate Targeted Treatment: Everything You Wanted to Know About Dr. Xinping Song’s Invention

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Dr. Xinping Song started prostatitis research back in 1988. During his intensive research, Dr. Song discovered a very intriguing phenomenon in prostate cancer patients, which he termed as “unblocking”. He found an underlying relation between prostate cancer cure and “unblocking”. Following this discovery, Dr. Song has been tirelessly conducting research on this phenomenon for the past twenty years and has now been able to find a perfect solution for first-stage prostatitis and common genitourinary infections. The patented 3D prostate targeted treatment, which has in a way changed the course of lives of hundreds of patients and changed the paradigms of prostate cancer research too, is now an intellectual property of Dr. Xinping Song. In case you have heard about this treatment but do not know much, here are some basics of the treatment procedure explained.

Patients have to go through a whole set of lab tests

Like any other treatment procedure, patients who opt for 3D prostate targeted treatment have to go through a number of clinical tests. The physicians working with Dr. Xinping Song collect a variety of samples for pathogenic testing and the samples also undergo other clinical examinations. Digital Rectal Examination or DRE, Transrectal Ultrasound or TRUS and a few other tests are conducted to identify the nature of the complication, whether it’s an infection, or a blockage, or a calcification, or hyperplasia, or cysts or even cancer.

Targeted injection through the Pelvic Gap

3D doctors who work at Dr. Xinping Song’s clinic perform targeted injection, which is similar to the ancient pain treatment known as acupuncture, through the patient’s pelvic gap. This way, unblocking medicine can easily be injected into the core of the tissue lesion. This helps in killing the pathogenic cells and the pathogens as well. Also, the pathogenic tissues are decomposed and calcification and blockage can be easily treated. The entire procedure does not damage the normal tissues circling the affected area of the patient. The process is particularly painless, non-invasive and less time-consuming compared to other expensive surgical procedures that have gained some ground in the field of prostate cancer treatment research.

A proprietary unblocking formula

Many people do not know that Dr. Xinping Song and his team use a proprietary unblocking formula to discharge toxic substances that are targeted only at the affected cells. The special anatomy and location of the prostate location disease may cause blocked lesions. The pathogens that are ohidden inside calcified lesions can spread the infections. Dr. Xinping Song’s 3D prostate cancer treatment is known to be effective in killing the causative pathogens only by discharging toxic substances. This way, blockages can be cleared easily.

What are the advantages of 3D prostate targeted treatment?

Dr. Xinping Song’s 3D treatment is particularly a non-invasive procedure, which has zero side effects and patients won’t have to endure too much pain as well. The prostate disease can be completely cured after the causative pathogens are removed and the blockages are cleared. It is now proven that the 3D prostate targeted treatment can cause the symptoms to lessen and go away after a certain period, which translates into complete cure of prostate cancer. The procedure is revolutionary in itself, as it’s particularly non-invasive and far less painful than all the known procedures to the medical and scientific fraternity. Also, patients do not need to take medicines for long term hence they do not stand a chance to get infected with secondary diseases or to suffer the side effects. It is believed that the treatment procedure reaches zero harm to the acquired immunity of a person, and his liver, kidney and gastrointestinal functions. Also, the treatment helps in doing away with the common side effects of prostate cancer, such as erectile dysfunction, urinary inconsistency and many other symptoms.

Why 3D treatment by Dr. Xinping Song is considered safe?

The 3D treatment by Dr. Song is safe as it avoids contact with nerves and blood vessels. The trained and certified technicians only push the injection through the pelvic gap and other organs are not damaged. Also, patients can lead a normal life during and after the treatment, which is yet another advantage.


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